Friday, June 22, 2012

Walking weekends

She Who Will Be Obeyed is able to walk (for short durations) without aid of her walker or crutches. This is only while wearing special support shoes, but we will take this advance and (ahem) run with it!

The visits to the physical therapist has given her some real confidence and we are grateful for being a few weeks ahead of the planned progress. It's a competitive thing with SWWBO, she always has to win.

Sunday at 0900, "Pacific Princess" will be hauled outside and will finally fly away from NAS Jax. Afterwards, a barbecue to celebrate. Something fun to look forward to, and it's always fun to play with airplanes.

Who wants to chip in for buying this plane? Just joking...

Today we have a 0900 Physical Therapy appointment and then later I will putz about and prepare for the weekend fun.

Have a nice Friday!


Buck said...

Good news about SWWBO. Good on her for bein' ahead of the curve.

When you say the TBM will "fly away" does that mean for good? Will she be based somewhere else?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Going to New Smyrna and some aviation Museum. But the Pacific Princess is for sale, just in case.