Friday, June 8, 2012

Big weekend!

I will be hot-footin' around today, preparing for tomorrow's Wounded Warrior Project event. The Barco Sin Vela (Nova Heritage East 40) will be joining "Moondancer" (Hatteras 52) and "Warrior" (Unknown 45' Go-Fast Boat) from the Florida Yacht Club on a trip to NAS Jax, where we will link up with Navy Jax Yacht Club vessels for the Wounded Warriors. There will be at least one hundred riders consisting of actual Wounded Vets and their families, we will make way to downtown Jacksonville and return to a big barbecue presented by the Navy Morale Welfare and Recreation folks.

Barco will be host to at least twelve passengers, and we look forward to being of small service on this worthy cause. Our crew will include our good buddy Phil and of course the lovely Spousal Unit, who will supervise from the flybridge. I guess I better have plenty of potable beverages to keep all aboard properly hydrated.

There has been an inordinate amount of rain lately, around North Florida. All the water levels are extremely high and I'm hoping our multi-year drought is about over. When I say inordinate, I mean several inches a day. The good thing is that the Florida Aquifer should be refilling/restoring to where the water should be. This also keeps the temperatures low which we all can benefit from. Our temps average in the low nineties and the humidity can suck your will to live right out of your body.

Let's hope for sunshine and light breezes for our guests tomorrow!

Barco standing by, One Six...

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Buck said...

Good on ya for taking the Wounded Warriors out for a cruise. You're a good man, Darryl.

On another note... enough beer to service 12 warriors might just sink the Barco. You better be careful. ;-)