Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Workin' with wood

Sanding teak, to be exact about the work. Nasty and hot out, but I have to get this stuff done while the gettin' is good.  Because I won't be doing this in the summer, which occurs in the next few weeks here in Florida.

I. Hate. Teak.

Problem with teak is that it is an oily wood, durable on the water but people expect the teak to be varnished and shiny. Varnish doesn't like to stick on oily wood and the sunshine on our latitudes is brutally full of ultraviolet rays, which destroys boats and varnish as well.

Lots of sandpaper, solvent and blue ribbon beer for the sander.
I started off with 100 grit paper which ate off the remnants of the old finish. Afterwards it was 150 grit and a final sanding with 220 grit. The rail is super smooth. I may do a 320 grit tomorrow morning before I place the first coat of varnish.

Prep work is 90% of the effort and I still have to properly mask off all the areas which will be coated with the two part epoxy finish. I have four hours working time with each batch so I will have to plan properly and efficiently.

This is where I wish I had chirren, especially 15 or 16 year olds. I can picture myself directing their efforts at fixing up the Barco while I relax in the shade with an adult beverage. But I would remunerate them with cash or the use of the Barco on a date. Imagine being 16 or 17 and having the ultimate love machine (Think of the 70's custom vans/Shaggin'Wagons).

Nyaah. Today's kids are into not going out on various conveyances to score with their significant others.

Anyway, back to the job...  I took off the side panels and brought them home for cleaning and polishing. The washing is done and I have to use polishing compound on the gel coat to restore the sort-of-shine we used to know and enjoy.

Why, you ask, is this so important now?

We have been tasked by the Spousal Unit to embark on the Barco this Friday with three passengers for a river scenic trip and she wants the boat looking right. Besides, all this maintenance was required anyway, so why not do it today?

And I like messing about on boats!

See you later, alligator.


Buck said...

Ah. Better you than me, Kind Sir, but I fully understand the "has to be done" aspect of all this. Life is FULL o' that sorta stuff.

LL said...

I hate to say never. You NEVER say "never". But I will NEVER OWN ANOTHER BOAT WITH TEAK.

This is my experience: "Wow, that teak looks terrific. I'll enjoy keeping it up. It will be stress reducing and therapeutic."

Famous last words.

Isn't what that what the boatswain is supposed to do since there isn't any paint to chip. You're the skipper. You should be supervising, beer in hand, while the spousal unit deals with maintenance issues. (she dosn't read your blog -- does she) Maybe she could fix you a sandwich first before she gets that teak stain on her hands.


Ken n Cheryl said...

We love the beauty of teak, but we hate having it on our boat. Slowly we'll be replacing the teak with starboard and other materials. Enjoy your weekend with friends!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Buck: Yeah, I make it sound drastic but it isn't as hard as receiving dental work.

LL: ..."You're the skipper..."

Very funny! I may understand what you meant right there but those words are meaningless on the Barco! Her make me a sandwich before getting down to sanding and varnishing... That there is comedy GOLD!

K&C: Exactly. We have a minimum of teak but zero would (Pun!) be best. Have fun cruising...

Thanks everyone, for continuing to stop by!

LL said...

"Enlisted men (which would include spouse/crew members) are sly, cunning and bear considerable watching."

I've often witnessed acts of mutiny in my civilian shipboard command that would have resulted in keel hauling in Nelson's Navy, or an Article 15 in the modern Navy. And when I mention that, it's met with a shrug. Maintaining discipline on a civilian watercraft where the victualling officer is not inclined to cooperate is intolerable, but there simply isn't much that you can do about it if you want to continue to get laid...