Friday, October 18, 2013

A Pox upon all parasites.

I meant to say Politicians. And their media mouthpiece accomplices.

It is unbelievable how these well to do politicians ( Who seem to be business owners!) can't seem to balance a federal budget, or for that matter offer up a federal budget like the law requires them to. "What does it matter?" Sayeth a well known harpy who has lived luxuriously on the public dime for so many years.


May all who have brought our Country to ruin feel personal pain in their lives. Especially career criminals  Congress and Senator critters. Perhaps a bit of homeless living for these modern day Robber Baron Rascals, cut them off from the public dole and have them live under a freeway overpass like the modern urban outdoorsmen, not knowing if they will be safe or where the next shelter/meal will be coming from. Nah, they will always land on their feet with the help of some undisclosed golden parachute. That is the way of the Ivy League Elites...

We are off and running for a road trip to Tampa. The possibly unbalanced, well armed biker will be at the homestead keeping the kittens fed and petted.

Old business:
The saga of the twelve volt problem has finally been ended on a positive (heh-heh) note. As you already know, we had a new charger put in last week. But on Sunday morning, I found the circuit breaker was switching off on the AC side of the charger.  I had the Boatyard guy come out and trouble shoot and he found the 10 Amp breaker was not sturdy enough for the power draw of our Pronautic 60 amp charger. A 20 amp breaker was installed and now the batteries are being kept at a 13.4 volt level, as it should be.

Now, if I could just get a regular paycheck like Congress does, I could afford to pay for all this maintenance!

I need a boat trip. Next week...

Have a nice weekend and stay safe out there!

Barco out.


Buck said...

I wish more than a mere pox on our parasitic congresscritters. Although "pox" in the archaic sense... i.e., syphilis... would work, too.

Have fun in Tampa.

LL said...

I for one find a strange pride in knowing that my taxes go to fund 50 million + Americans on food stamps and that President Obama loves them a lot more than he loves me. Because if that dysfunctional freak loved me, I'd have to take a long look in the mirror.

Forget the curs. Enjoy Tampa.

DC said...

Buck and LL; Thanks for stopping by!