Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fine Dining at the Serengetti Spa and Veldt Lounge

I get cards and letters regularly from my public, and many of them ask, "How do ewe keep the Spousal Unit happy (and staying with you!) even though you look like a Milwaukee Bowling Enthusiast drinking a jug of Pabst Blue Ribbon???"

Good Question, Sports Fans.

My method of keeping a tight lid on the matrimonial pressure cooker is through a series of maneuvers designed to keep her thinking good thoughts about yours truly. First, I make sure that I keep kissin' butt like any good sycophantic ne'er do well. Next up I keep the compliments flowing in a shameless manner that would make a politician blush. Finally, I make sure to surprise the Spousal Unit with interesting meals that she can brag to her colleagues about.

Oh, yes. That would mean interesting meals that don't start with defrosting a package that says "Stouffer's" on it. (Not that there's anything wrong with that).

That there is a big one. Bragging about dinner being made by the time she gets home ensures that she does not look too deeply into my gambling/illegal activities that really fill my mornings and afternoons.

Apparently, many American Ladies go off to work and bring home good salaries just to come home to disappointment.


Last week I made up a chicken curry that stunk the house out with Sub-Continental spicy goodness. It was served with rice, chutney and naan bread.

What I didn't tell her was that there was a choice of chicken or lamb. I made up chicken which left the lamb shank feeling lonely and unwanted in the Barco fridge. Until today…

At 1630, local, I started by cutting the meat off a 1.75 pound lamb shank. ($6.00 at the Commissary).

Next I chopped a large yellow onion into bite sized pieces.

I take two heaping teaspoons of chopped red pepper from the shaker and place in separate bowl.

Into a small bowl, I placed two and a half teaspoons of minced, jarred garlic and the same of ginger.

Into another bowl, I placed the dry spices combined together. Here is my recipe;

3 Tsps of garam masala powder

1 Tsp of turmeric

2 Tsps of coriander powder

2 Tsps of cumin powder

2 Tsps of paprika

Salt to taste

  You will need half a small pkg of plain yogurt. I use the pound sized bowls of Fage  0 fat greek yogurt.

28 ounce can of diced tomatoes or three medium tomatoes cubed.

I 'Toast' the powdered spices for a few moments (don't over do!) in a small pan at the number 7 heat on electric stove. This activates the spices in a big way and lets everyone know that Momma's getting' good vittles!

Take a half stick of butter and melt in dutch oven. Snobs may want to use clarified butter (Ghee!) but I don't bother. Melt butter in medium heat.

Add chopped onion to butter and begin to sautee until almost translucent. Add the garlic and ginger mince. Stir constantly.

Add the red pepper flakes. Add more if you want a hotter meal.

Add the meat chunks and keep stirring the pot to mix and prevent burning. When the meat has the outside looking like it is cooking, turn the stove heat down. Don't forget to add some salt!

Now is the time to add the toasted dry spices. Stir well. It should smell luxuriantly of exotic spices.

Now is a good time to add in the tomatoes and a couple of large spoonfuls of the yogurt to mellow the concoction. Stir well.

Turn down the heat to about one and a half and allow the pot to simmer for about 45 minutes.

I know some may find the looks a bit off-putting. Yogurt was piled on!

Serve on basmati rice.

Good sides are Poppodums or Naan bread.

This is how I keeps da wimmin's happy, peppy and bursting with love!

Barco Out!


Buck said...

You're a good man, Darryl. Methinks we need to modify that ol' saw about the way to a MAN'S heart is through his stomach.

Just sayin'.

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