Friday, November 22, 2013

Back again to Friday!

Every day seems to be a Friday, at least when I come back to this site to whine about what ever be ailin' me.

No ailments to be reported. Everyone is happy in our little parcel of paradise.

The skies have been cloudy, so no sighting of the comets for me. Maybe tomorrow?  We have the Spousal Unit's Dad with us for the next few weeks and this means socializing and good foods. We need to keep up appearances and keep the outside world thinking that we are civilized around these parts.

I will make a beer and wine run to the Five Points section of town, six bottles of New Zealand Pinot Noir for the upcoming holiday along with a keg of Fuller's London Pride for our other guests to enjoy while dining on the usual. Speaking of usual, I bought a 15 pound turkey at Publix for fifty-nine cents a lb, making our bird a big $9.00 in costs! I would buy more but we just don't have room in the freezer. There can't be any hungry people in the US, food is too darn cheap! You could feed a family every week with turkeys and pork at these great prices.

We will do the club tonight with the routine stay onboard Barco afterwards, and it will be a nice evening on the water!

Have a great Friday and stay safe out there, ok?

Barco Out.

Appropriate JJW tune;

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Buck said...

Every day IS Friday, innit?

Enjoy the weekend.