Friday, November 8, 2013

Feelin' bettah!

Sorry for staying away. The various chemicals and antihistamine related pharmaceutical concoctions have made me unreliable in not-the-normal way. I choose to be predictably unreliable because it pleases me. But when I am necessarily connected to boxes of serial kleenex, I tend to just layabout and moan. The Cats like this and pile up on me because they think they are helping. They tire easily, yah-know, and welcome me into the sleeping area as if I was a bigger cat needing rest. Ahh, but I am the cat who constantly sniffles, coughs and uses mass quantities of tree products to stanch the flow of nasty fluids. Yuck!

That's me. Complicated. Boring. Snotty.

While recuperating from my code, I did spend a few mornings bubbling in our concrete tub (with flowing hot waters!) which is adjacent to the cement pond. The neat effect was seeing the new algaecide (Al-Jazeera?, Naw…) that our Pool Professional is using. The chemical FOAMS when agitated! So I scooped out the foam and settled in to the curative hot waters and enjoyed nature. I noticed blue jays, finches, mockingbirds and lovely red/less red cardinals, flitting about searching for food around the seedless bird feeders… er. Get up out of water, go inside, get birdseed, load feeders! SLACKER!!!

Guilt is a powerful emotion which makes us move forward to be better. I really hate letting birds down.
Note to self; Be sure to buy a few extra turkeys at the Commissary and drop them off at the local Church… Really.

A few weeks back, I was visiting at the NAS Jax docks with a couple friends who enjoy sailing. We got on the subject of Richard Henry Dana's classic, "Two Years Before the Mast". My friend who is recently retired from the Coast Guard, (A Naval Architect who is a former Nuke!) Bill had never read this particular book either as part of his years of formal study or for reading fun. So I took it upon myself to order a copy from Amazon  intending to make it a gift. The book came in the mail yesterday and I decided that I will have to retain this particular book… It is a first edition from 1941 with color plates. The interesting thing about this book is that it has never been handled! The sales flyer from 1941 was still present and there are no marks or signs of handling anywhere. I think someone received this book seventy years back, left it in the box, put it on a shelf and forgot about it. Sorry Bill, I will get you another one. A nicer one, for sure… ;) It will be here before you leave on your sailing voyage!

First act for today: Watch this... The takeaway quote is …"He turns ON the wipers!"

Translation of conversation (Provided at the You Tube site…) "Following conversation ensues after crash: Guy#1: "Oh, we float! Guy#2: Where we go? Guy#1: I don't know, maybe to the shore. Guy#2: Don't steer the wheel, it's useless."

Just like life, right? The Russian people are such deep philosophers, naturally.

In our rebel-like quest to flip the world a big digital bird, we shall dine at the Napa Valley Wine celebration event tonight at the Club.  Enjoyment will occur in the knowing that there are many who cannot find such happiness. On the flip side of my smuggishness; I'll bet folks like Prince Charles get sick and effin' tired of dining big everyday. My joy comes from doing it every few weeks. This because I don't have to stand up to give a speech toasting my hosts and congratulating the local mandarins who completed some important Public Utility Project, either.

Yes, I'm a jerk, too. Just in my own simpleton way. (But feeling very self impotent!

Naturally, after dining we shall reside temporarily on the Barco for dessert. Not sure what the weather will be like this weekend, too lazy to look it up online. Sometimes, it's better to be pleasantly surprised than to be disappointed by our own weak expectations. To be a bit clearer, (like my sinuses!Thankewevarymuch) let it rain or shine.

Please enjoy the day, whatever it brings!


LL said...

I'm sure that an evening on the Barco will be the perfect thing to complete your cure.

Buck said...

Well, we're glad you're back to yer usual self.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, LL and Buck.

Let's return to the bidness of bidness!