Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The holidays are here.

All preparations for T-Day are finished, and there will be Michigan people occupying the Serenghetti Lounge for the next few days/weeks. There will probably be no need for the central heating system since the weather is merely in the upper 6o's, a veritable warm spell for those folks used to Traverse City style temperatures.

All foods have been gathered and there shall be plenty for everyone tomorrow, well, for that matter for today.    After we visit the Lodge (BPOE!), we will swarm back to the hut for smoked Boston Butt and potable beverages. This will be the start of a month of conspicuous consumption, oh yes.

Just got word from Barco's sister boat in the Pensacola area, Blue Heron. Mr. T's Haircut reports wind caused a dock line to part and the vessel then struck something which left a serious mark requiring repairs. Bad luck, I hate when that happens.

Sometimes you can think you have everything set and safe but nature has the final word concerning your preparations. I don't laugh at nature because we have been in a similar position, the First Barco was sunk by another boat which had not been properly secured. This can happen anytime and to anyone the net result from that other boat was three vessels sunk and two damaged. The owner had $100,000 in liability coverage, which naturally was not enough. The first Barco was insured for $160,000. Never mind what the Meridian '46 was worth… The insurance companies called the incident, "An act of God". We got our check, so I'm good.

As for the Barco Crew and those who live close by,  we are looking forward to the Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. I'm thankful that the Spousal Unit and I are in great health and we look forward to good things happening in the near future. We hope everything goes well for all our readers and their family units, too! Good Health to all!

I will be back over the next day or so, stand by for action!


Buck said...

Looks like you're all set, nautical problems aside. Like the man said: "It's always SUMTHIN'."

Happy T-Day!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Buck! Hoping you have a great holiday season.
Here is a wish for you and yours;
May some Santa girl pop into your AOR and make your life interesting!