Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Post

First post on the journal to the world, Barco Sin Vela. Like any of you really gives a rat's flatulance!

I wish I knew how to add in some video, I would use the opening sequence from "Stingray", some goofy grey haired puppet says, "Stand byyyy, for action!" Then the bongos start bongo'ing and you see an antenna blow up and some sort of Freudian thing comes out of the ground. We will try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E06cNv55jTs

Thrilling. To an eight year old.


Not so much.

I will try to keep the cussing down. Mostly I will rant endlessly about the things I find interesting.




The Navy.

The Men's department of the Navy: Marine Corps. (Yes, I was in for a short time. 15 Dec 1978 to 21 May 1979, Active duty for training for the Marine Corps Reserve. I graduated from Platoon 3001, 3rd Bn RTR San Diego, 92140 on 04 Apr 1979. As soon as I was released to the reserves? Voom! Like a rat out of the aquaduct to the Navy. Some may consider me a traitor. Sorry.

The Navy has airconditioning. Plus, more openings for Naval Aircrew positions.

Served on Frigates and Destroyers as HS and HSL aircrewman. Includes a few years doing a couple weeks at a time onboard HMCS Provider, AOR 508. Best times ever were with the Canadian Navy! After 20 years of mostly undetected crime, they paid me to leave.

This brings us to Boats.

Began sailing in 1990 with a Hobie Cat. Ended in May 1991 with me wrecking into the Mayport Jetty. In front of people.

Feb 1992, restarted the boating thing with a Sovereign 7 Meter monohull after returning from Med 3-91. First time out we plowed into a bridge. But I got better!


Spousal Unit and I sail our San Juan 28. (Which is loosely for sale, 6K).

We also have Barco Sin Vela II, a Nova Heritage 40 trawler. We haven't hit anything, yet.


Bob said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. Just got your reply on my Throw Shoes At The Restaurant Manager post. I'd guess I might qualify as your blogfather. I'll post over at my blog and hopefully you'll get a few readers.

You're really living the life, looks like! Ever read the Travis McGee novels of John D. MacDonald? I'd guess you're probably a fan, or if you're not, you should dip into a few and notice the kinship between you and McGee.

Bob said...

P.S. Endeavor to persevere, huh? Josey Wales fan too, I guess.

To link video in your posts, you'll probably need a YouTube account, if you want to upload your own videos. To link videos already on YouTube (or any other video source), look for embed code which you can copy and paste to your blog entry.


Barco Sin Vela II said...

Yes Bob,
Big fans of those old "Busted Flush" tales. Made me want to live on boats. Also like Chief Dan George.

Our email is maogwaicat at gmail dotcom

I can tell you more!

Thanks for stopping by!