Monday, December 22, 2008

Morose Monday

It had to happen. As sure as the weather was grand we knew that the weekend would come to a close.

Stayed on the Barco Saturday and Sunday nights. It's just like having a million dollar condo on the water, plenty comfortable, so why not?

Punch line approaching.....

We get up at the crack of six, put the cat into the bag and pack up the clothes, let's make our way to the car to go home.

But the gate is locked. So is the other gate. It's freakin' cold, the wind is tearing heat away from our faces and the gate is locked!

The Spousal Unit wears a brace to immobilize her left ankle, and the right ankle ain't really there, either. So no hopping the chain link fence.

Our previously cheerful attitude is turning to a darker shade of pissed. Fortunately, She who will be obeyed has a solution; Go walk around the tennis courts and see if there is a walkway.

Yeah, right. It's dark out and cold, but instead of hopping around mad, go find a way out.

Sure enough, she's right. We walked around the tennis courts and found our carriage and headed home.

I regret that bottle of red after the bottle of bubbly. Last night.

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Page two.

Saturday found us moving the Barco to its new digs.

The new place is very private and the boat is safely tucked into a cove off of the St Johns river.

I think we will fit in nicely with the other boats and look forward to a great new year.

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