Friday, December 19, 2008

Furry Fabulous Fridays

Sorry, I slurred.

Friday is usually the favorite day of any week. It is usually the day where our thoughts leave the confines of seriousness and work and we look towards the possibilities of the weekend.

Take a look at this site; Deleted Name is a sorta drinking buddy ///Link deleted///But he never takes my calls. Calling Joe is an exercise in futility rewarded maybe three times annually. Usually he calls me out of the blue, wanting me to come over and sample some swill he might have available, always at some time that is only convenient to him. He makes his own beer. Quite drinkable. Good thing She Who Will Be Obeyed is my all- the- time- drinking buddy. Otherwise, I'd die of lonliness/thirst. But great fun when we all get together.
I will insert a gratuitous pic of Intracoastal wildlife:

Not this... I stole this from another site. Wish I could give them the credit.

Pod of Dolphins. Check.

Murder of Crows. Check.

Sinister of Siamese?

This! Total aquatic fun.

As one wends their way on the Floridian waterways, this can be a common sight. Dolphins love bow waves.

We had a pod of dolphins follow us all the up the Florida coast, from West Palm to Daytona.

They will make a clicking sound to get your attention, then start showing off.

Today, temperatures are back in upper 70's, again.

There will be boating. Either on the dock, tonight or early tomorrow. Need to pick up some beer and wine.
One does not boat without libations. Does one?


Bob said...

My own favorite dolphins story I posted a while back, don't know if you saw it:

Barco Sin Vela II said...

That's a great story!

I have one like that, of my own that is not as good as yours, but it is along the same vein.