Wednesday, December 17, 2008

'Splainin the site

Barco Sin Vela is South Florida Spanish: Boat without sail.

We were huge fans of sailing, for about 15 years. Even got to be known as sailing folks when we were onboard Wildebeest III.

2004 found us living in Fort Lauderdale. The place we lived was five miles up the Intracoastal from the ocean, but we may as well have been three hours away.

A trawler (read slow power boat) is a bridge between sailing and stink pots. I like to go as fast as the next person, but I can't afford to pay 50 plus gallons per hour to do it. Most sailors get old and move to Trawlers. We did it because of some health issues, but mainly because we could get to the ocean in about 30 minutes, without waiting for bridges to open.

Barco Sin Vela was a Marine Trader Sundeck 40. It was destroyed last August in TS Fay. I will cover that story another time.

Barco Sin Vela II is a Nova 40. Similar to the Marine Trader, but some different features.

Previously, there were a few sail boats I will cover at other times.

The Wildebeest III can be seen on the left corner. That picture was taken in Portugal.

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