Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Boxing Day!

Boxing Day, 26 December, is a day celebrated by half the world. The British, warm loving folks were they, gave the hired help the day after Christmas off, and "boxed" up the leftovers from the Christmas celebrations and gave them to the hired folks as thanks.

Sometimes, I'm sure that the "box" was probably over filled with goodies and other necessities that made the holiday a little more special for those less privileged.

Having lived in the UK for four years, I cannot describe how the Brit's go completely crazy for Christmas. Forget getting a restaurant for dinner. Every food and beverage purveyor has a private function going, and you ain't welcome!

Very frustrating.

The following is an example of the bacchanalia of a typical UK Christmas party. The faces have been altered to protect the guilty.

Temps for today: High of 78 and lows of 59.

There shall be boating.

See some of you on the St Johns River!

Some pictures from eleven years ago in London. Times flies fast. Enjoy your time now!!!

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