Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Coming up on 72 hours to Launch, everything going smoothly... This is Barco Launch Control

Still need to patch the dinghy, tie down kayaks and bring the fresh food aboard.

Tomorrow will see me scrambling about unfettered by the J.O.B. Final checklist items will eliminated, one by one. No doubt, like cutting strings, we will see new loose ends popping up all around to make simple tasks seem overwhelming.

I'm feeling whelmed, now.

No matter. This is not like crossing an ocean which has no stops or parts along the way. Plenty of stops and places filled with restaurants and NAPA stores. There's not even a chance of running out of beer or wine. Not with the various roadhouses cluttering the fish camps.

But Captain Jack Sparrow will always lament; "...Why is the Rum always gone?"

Not on Barco. We have at least two bottles, and I don't even drink the stuff.

The Siamese Cats have no idea that we are going to be gone a week. They will be very angry, leaving little puke piles to mark their sorrow. Hopefully my Mom can assuage their need to have "staff" at their beck and call.

At least when you leave the kitties at home alone, the law doesn't get involved. Not like when you leave the kiddies at home. Child Protective services get all into your business just for going on a little road trip without Johnny and Jane.


Cats don't steal your ATM/credit card and head for a road trip of their own to the coast.

The glass is always half full with me!

Kidding. Really.

Big Comissary run tomorrow and Lunch with my Mom at the Club on Thursday.

I will be back, later.


Buck said...

The glass is always half full with me!

I've noticed that! And it's one of your more endearing qualities, as well! ;-)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, to the Buckmeister!