Thursday, April 9, 2009

Twenty Nine Hours and out

Well, we are rapidly approaching the jump off time, and it seems nothing has been done.

Not really true, but those loose ends keep tripping up and I discover new reasons to buy replacement parts.

The most recent was a port side running light. The light was working fine, but the previous owner put a forty watt bulb which was too big. It caused the red lens to melt into a funny shaped blob. I had to visit two stores to find a replacement, (32.00) and then get proper sized 25 watt bulbs (56.00 for 6). I may as well stock up on them, they are priced over seventeen bucks a piece. Rip off.

The weather seems to be cooperating, and I am looking forward to warm days with slightly cool nights. The air conditioning will hopefully be unnecessary as I would prefer fresh air and silence.

The smallest meezer, Mali, has climbed my chest and arms and is snuggling/clinging. I have to type with one hand. She is very clingy and holds tightly with claws, kneading and purring and trying to get me to sit still with her. Not a proper Siamese.

I will write again later, before making the departure tomorrow.

This is gonna be fun!


Buck said...

Dang! $17.00 for a light bulb? That's amazing...

Liz said...

Wonder if Mali has a bit of extra sensory perception, i.e. she KNOWS something is up!!! so clinging to "Papa"...

$17 for a running light I don't feel so bad about the coupla bucks for the wierd rv lights.