Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nothing Witty for Wednesday

I have nothing for today, April Fools. There will be many annoying stunts pulled off and a few suckers will fall for some clever jokes.

13 years ago, I was listening to the radio while ironing my shirts. London has a great music station on 1548 AM, called "Capital Gold". The Morning DJ, Tony Kilburn, made a special announcement; Capital Gold AM was going stereo at 0800!

So I cranked up the radio as Kilburn started telling us to move the dials on the speakers, left and right and dig the incredible "stereo experience".

Sounded the same to me...

I was had, along with the other listeners. What a doof.

There was a mysterious email from one of my three readers; He requested that I edit one of my posts from months ago. It seems he is paranoid and thinks that someone is looking for him and I left valuable clues.

On my blog.


Probably another April Fools endeavor.

Big storm over North Florida, the Barco has been secured for heavy weather with extra everything, and we await the weekend for some drier air. April Showers bring May flowers!

P.S. I edited out the NSF photo that I wanted to leave up.


Liz said...

Waiting for weekend dry and hopefully WARM air also.

...the mysterious email, etc. is the best thing I've read today save your quote from Monty Python over at Buck's!

Happy 4/1!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

And a Happy, warm April yksi to you!

Yksi is "one" in an obscure language related to a recent post.

Buck said...

Paranoia is EVERYWHERE these days...

Al said...

Nice blog mate! I bookmarked it so I can return and read it closer.