Monday, March 30, 2009

Gettin' ready for the trip

Heavy-duty design for big fish
Ball-bearing system
Right or left retrieve
Selective anti-reverse
Dual ceramic pickup pins
Auto Bait Alert
Pre-spooled with 14 pound line
3.4:1 gear ratio

Yep. Went All Out and went on a spending spree. I got a Zebco 733 Hawg and a nice pole to go with it, then acquired a Shimano spinner reel and pole with light line for casting. So now we have two new fishing poles and all the gear that goes with it.

Kmart actually had a better selection than Tarzhay, and almost as good as West Marine. But prices were significantly lower at the ol' Kmart...

We then hit Stein Mart with coupons in hand. (Stein Mart is a mostly Ladies clothes store of indeterminate goodness)

Every time I follow Spousal Unit around a Lady's clothing store, I get a case of induced fatigue. I mean I will begin uncontrollable yawning and become a lethargic and slow moving type of sloth. But to be fair, I feel the same way at a Men's clothing store.

It shows...

We got three jackets and three blouses and escaped Stein Mart for less than fifty bucks. Ooh -RAH!

We paid double that for food at Tarzhay!

Great News! We now have three additional readers, apparently they are from Cairo, Lisbon and Sunnyvale. I am diggin' the sitemeter scene with a gangsta lean.

Prolly spammers, I don't really know, but I do know that someone in Cairo would not be interested in anything I have to say; excepting, of course, if I happened to know the meaning of Life.

I do!*

Unless Marmaris, Turkey is considered "Middle East", there ain't any of "it" available in the Middle East.

Lists are being made, stores are being raided for provisions and in about eleven days an epic voyage will be undertaken.

Have a safe week!

(Izza-Pay, Eer-bay, and ond-Blay innish-Fay icks-chay)
Ixnay on the Ifey-Way eading-ray is-thay...


Bob said...

You can check out your readers on SiteMeter by clicking on DETAILS under Visitors. Looks like both the Portugee and the Gyppo were looking at images of boats on Google Image Search.

What on earth are you fishing for with a Zebco 33? Even a heavy duty version of it isn't good in saltwater for much more than baitfish or a dockside sheepshead. Or maybe a mullet.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I have bigger rods and reels, just that I will be over a hundred miles into the river and no where near salt.

Buck said...

Ixnay on the Ifey-Way eading-ray is-thay...

I take it The Better Half isn't fluent in Igpay Atlin-Lay?

I loves me some Site Meter, too. I also spend waaay too much time there.

USA_Admiral said...

Great deals.

I think those eleven days are going to be slow in getting here.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

USA Admiral; 'I think those eleven days are going to be slow in getting here'

Too true!

I will be having a real busy weekend loading on some extras like 80 feet of chain and changing out a 'plow' for a 'Fortress' anchor.

Also, I have been studying my St Johns Cruising guide for tributaries to explore.

Thanks for coming by!