Monday, March 2, 2009

Look out Punta Gorda

This is what the Intracoastal looked like 14 years ago. Looking backwards into the past; Here is a cool picture from 1994, heading up the Intracoastal Waterway on Wildebeest

Fishermans Village

This Punta Gorda thing is beginning to take shape and waddle its way to reality.


Charts: Most of them are present. May need new chips and paper copies
Money: I have fifty bucks in my pocket
Fuel: 400 gallons, about 600 miles worth.
Food: I have a bag of chips

This is going to be a great field trip. I have been Jonesin' for just this thing. I hope to be able to go offshore for the first 27 hours, which will get me to Fort Pierce inlet. Then it will be off to Stuart to join the other Trawlers from the MTOA on the Okeechobee trail.

There is one person interested in going, and I hope to entice one or two others for this cross country boating experience.

I know better than asking Joe Bones.

If I had a 1MC, I would announce that the "XO's Underway Check Off List is available on the Quarterdeck".

Heck, planning is half the fun.

This is SWWBO, Maogwai and their Staff driving Barco 1

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Buck said...

Not being a boater (the obligatory disclaimer, ya know) I'd think the planning would be a LOT more than half the fun. It ain't like you can say "ah...the hell with it" half way there and pull into a Motel 6 for the night. Right?