Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday skipping school day

She who will be obeyed has Dad, Uncle, and entourages coming in for a visit, Wednesday/Thursday. I thought I would skip work today to complete field day and rigging rear of house for guests.

This means Hyacinth Kitteh will have to stay in the sun room. She'll get over it.

Dining on Wednesday will be the lovely, "Pastiche". Good stuff, great hosts.

Clean kitchen...

Friday, will find all of us together for Prime Rib, slow cooked in a Weber Kettle. My Mom will be here for that, and I am sure we will all be stuffed with great chow and even better wines.

I am presuming a 0830 departure, Saturday for Outback Crab Shack, where I hear there will be "Free Beer, tomorrow." When people visit from Michigan, they expect an opportunity to eat fresh seafood.

Whatever... Order me some ribs!

Today, after doing my usual wandering around the 'net, I followed a link from Drawn Cutlass to the Old NFO's blog.

Stop by and read a full page of Navy style humor, describing underway living. I wonder if the host is a former AW?

It's all good, as someone always says. I am going to head back and clean some cat litter, break time is over.

The Aviation Toilet Control Technician's work is never done...


Bob said...

There is a lot of good military humor, jokes, photos and video at Strategy Page. Some of the pics have been circulating for years in the blogosphere.

Bob said...

And do you have the recipe for the Weber kettle prime rib? That sounds mouthwatering just as described.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Hey Bob!

Any ideas for recipes? I normally cover the roast beast with Montreal Seasoning and slow cook on indirect heat.

Buck said...

Dang. Does THIS ever sound GOOD! Missed it yesterday, as I was kinda-sorta indisposed.