Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend wrap up for 21/22 March

We did not muster at the Barco at 0800, as planned. There was no 0830 departure.

Dinner on Friday was a smash. We had seven people fed on a five pound Prime Rib served up with steamed green beans and the twice baked potatoes. To wash it all down was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (on tap) and a couple of bottles of Nymanthia. For dessert was seasonal berries soaked in Pinot Grigiot (Cavit).

Then, Idiot Boy decided to break out the Montand Champagne, of which two bottles were served to the Host and Guests.

I decided to do some thinking and helped Mom home via taxicab. Very smart.

Saturday morning saw your scribe waking in slow stages, nursing a category three 'gover. Category five being a full blown "day of sighs" and the worst, category six being full illness with inability to fight off gravity storms.

By 1000, we had everyone sort of coffee'd up and motion towards bringing Mom's car home to her. I stopped by Mickey D's for a six pack of hamburgers to take on the boat.

We were underway and shifted colors at 1145, and made a course of 090 degrees into a very strong wind. In fact, it was very strong, at least 20 gusting to 30. When we turned 180 and headed South, we were rolling on very robust swells caused by the fetch from Northeast winds. We had a bumpy, ocean like ride down to six mile creek, which smoothed out nicely after we entered the creek proper.

Tied up to a scarcely populated dock and made our way to the outside tables. We shared the outside with a Motorcycle Organization who were very nice and seemed to not mind us yuppy boaters.

Free beer was alas, tomorrow. So we made do with five dollar Bud Select, along with a large platter of "Low Country Boil." Three or four crabs with crawfish, clams, various fish filets and the usual sausage, corn and broccoli. To top off the great meal was a great server named Angela, who kept our pitcher full and the crew well fed.


Made our way home and were back at our dock by sundown. Had a very sedate evening of billiards and draft beer back at the "Veldt Lounge".

I hope to have some pictures, later.

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Buck said...

"gravity storms" Heh. I never knew the technical term for those sorts of events until just now. But I DO relate. Oh, my... yes.

I'm glad you were only in a Stage III state. I'm thinking the combo of a worse hangover and rolling swells would have been miserable.