Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Navy Blog

Picture left was stolen from EM Blog
The "EM" Log is back online. This guy was a Nuke Engineer type who tells fabulous Sea Stories that you may enjoy, all from a perspective of a Submariner living in a pipe. I admire those folks, since I require sunlight and fresh air, daily. Submarine Sailors are always two minutes away from disaster, and it takes a very careful and organized person to hack that type of duty.

The first story is about taping up a Chief's coffee mug.

Someday, I might be able to remember the one's that I can tell. Fictional facts and factual fiction. Plus, I have Brian from the Yacht Club keeping me honest about the heroes and villains in my first six years in the Navy.

I'm really glad to see the EM blog back in the "on" position.

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Buck said...

It's always the stories you CAN'T tell that are the most interesting, no?

Thanks for the link. I went. And I alluded in comments to some of those stories I can't tell. Not in polite company, anyhoo.