Friday, March 27, 2009

On a Happier Note

Check out Pete Goss' site and watch the video.

Peter Goss and his crew of three are sailing from Cornwall to Australia onboard a 37 foot Cornish fishing boat.

This is "Mystery" sailing in the Southern Ocean at the beginning of a storm.

The sound is icy rain striking the camera and boat deck.

One of the crew gets a broken leg immediately after filming. Incredible video!

I have been in similar seas, but never in that cold of temperatures. Worst I have ever been was 45 knots off the coast of Mauretania.

The Southern Ocean is something I look forward to have sailed and returned from. There is no land masses to slow up the winds or the "fetch", which is wind driven seas.

Here is something that is more like it.
Off of Madeira, a Portuguese island group West of the Mainland.

Have a fun Friday evening!


Bob said...

Yah, the Roaring 40's, they call them. One of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin novels takes place in that hellish part of the world. I seem to recall reading a book or a website about an American (Australian?) teenager who attempted to solo sail around the world by circumnavigating the Roaring 40's. Details elude me.

Buck said...

Aiiieee. Watching that vid sent shivers up my back. I HATE freezing rain under any circumstances and simply cannot imagine having to cope with it in the middle of the ocean. My spirit of adventure must be quite limited.

Thanks for posting, tho. I enjoy watching other people take risks I'd never consider! :D