Friday, March 20, 2009

Back to Friday routine

Thursday saw the Barco crew hosting Her relatives and entourages. Her Dad came in at 0645.

Surprise, surprise, well, you know the rest.

I placed a corned beef brisket into the crock pot, covered with water and the enclosed spice packet and set for 10 hours.

The crock pot really did the job. The corned beast was so tender I could literally cut with a plastic spatula. I poured the fatty cooking water in with potatoes (Ahh, calling Dan Quayle, I need a spell check!) and cabbage. Totally spaced on the carrots.

Dinner served at 1900, sharp. I acquired a keg of Sierra Nevada, so we had draft beer with dinner. Even a non-beer drinking guest enjoyed the beer. Really fine beer with a very hoppy flavor, always a favorite of mine.

By 2200 we had a serving of Balvenie 10 year old, had final conversations and then called Taps at 2300.

Reveille came at 0630, we did our normal hike around the hood and returned home to check on the guests. I cooked up six omelets with the remaining potatoes from the last meal and applied coffee to every one's cobwebs.

She Who Will Be Obeyed commenced making the twice baked potatoes which will go with tonight's Prime Rib Extravaganza. A five pound prime rib, dressed and tied with string on bone and coated with McCormick Montreal seasoning will slowly roast over indirect charcoal heat.

Today will really be an endurance test.

To wrap up that story from yesterday, I rode some airline from Orlando to Gatwick, brimming with excitement about the new boat. Once I arrived, I hopped on the train to Waterloo station.

I would link the Kink's song; "Waterloo Sunset", but the j.o.b. computer won't give access. Maybe later.

So I'm standing by the door of the train station, waiting for a cab and comedian Steven Wright walks up and waits next to me. I recognize him immediately, and he looked at me waiting for the obligatory, "...Are you Steven Wright?!"

Only I stayed in his character type, and ignored him. I even let him take the next cab, just to get his depressing personage away from me. I had nothing but good news for my household...!

Note: I think Steven Wright is a talented funny guy, and I enjoy listening to him on XM Raw. But as mentioned in the past, I prefer to give famous people their space.

Free Beer Tomorrow!

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Buck said...

You, sir, and your foodie posts are inflicting Cruel and Unusual Punishment on a poor soul with a temporary eating disability. It is to drool... :D

Inspiration, tho, for a post-op recovery food binge. All things come to he who waits.