Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just checking if people are paying attention...

This is before heading out to the J.O.B. Probably the finest recording of the most recorded song in history;
Nat King Cole doing Hoagy Carmichael's, "Stardust".

Is that nice?

Doc Severinson rocks it out;

Now, off to work!

OK, I'm here.

The planning for the trip has taken a different turn. Always needing plan "B", there are always emergent obstacles that have to be factored in. Like water in Lake Okeechobee levels, lock closure, excessive fees for Pirate Gatherings, etc.

Elliott Key.

One of my favorite places to visit; it is pretty rugged, no services or amenities. You need a shallow draft boat to get to the park, and there is a restroom and some paths. Just another great place to sneak off to, especially if you have water, food and a dinghy to get ashore. Satellite view

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Beautiful fish and clear water.

This may be a secondary destination if the Punta Gorda thing becomes unworkable. April in South Florida is a great thing, indeed.

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Buck said...

Good stuff. Mom was a BIG NKC fan and I got regular doses as a child. That's served me well all my life.