Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday After Action Report

Dinner at 1171 was incredible! Mom enjoyed it, too. Great service, good prices and best of all- choice of portion sizes with proportional pricing.

We all had the five ounce Filet Mignon, very tender and cooked perfectly. For the dessert we had the cheese platter with 20 year old Port. It was $175 well spent.

Mom went home, so Spousal Unit and I decided to continue the mission by going to the Yacht Club. Had a couple drinks (Two!) and listened to the piano man do his thing. We retired to the Barco for a bottle of Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top which I kinda regret right now...

A most excellent night out, and we performed the Walk of Shame in a dignified manner from the boat to the truck. My hair was sticking up and I had no ball cap to hide my bed head.

I love to see people in their evening glad rags walking down the street looking disheveled, all in the bright of day. Especially if they are walking with 'what's her name, again?' that they met the night before. It always seems reasonable at 0100, right?

Flame on you is flame off me, I always say.

Oh, another thing; The CONOP (Concept of Operation) for Operation Barco Shift has tentative approval. Did I not say that "No" could be rethought and changed?

Barco Shift will consist of redeployment of Barco Sin Vela from the South Eastern OPAREA to the Gulf of Mexico, via Lake Okeechobee and Intracoastal Waterways

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and will include a 'Remain two Night' component at Punta Gorda, to coincide with the MTOA's gathering of boats, aka "Pirates in Punta Gorda".

Barco Shift; Continued While in Punta Gorda OPAREA, investigate Pirate Activities and infiltrate, if possible.

Return to Homeport with after action reports.

This operation will only occur if there are no navigational issues with the Locks in Lake Okeechobee, due to low water levels. Just don't have the time to all the way around the Keys.

Anyway, it's a beautiful morning, the sun is out and the temperature is looking good for a modified spring morning. Apparently, there will be a front passing us this evening, so it will be cold and crappy tomorrow. Today we will try to clean our cave, get rid of some old clothes and return to the Barco for the run to the Rudder Club for the birthday party.

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We'll be docked on the face, North side by the corner.

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Buck said...

It always seems reasonable at 0100, right?

And even in the bright light of day, sometimes. ;-)

Sounds like a great night out, DC.