Friday, February 20, 2009

Again, we reach the goal

Friday, February 20th, 6:30 pm

February in France, even the name sounds delicious! If you’ve ever been to Paris or if you’ve ever wanted to, now’s your chance! Come out and taste what the French go crazy for; fabulous cuisine and first-rate wines. Our guest Sommelier will delightfully educate you as you enjoy a gourmet dinner presented by Chef Stephen Bechan and staff. Each course is matched perfectly to experience the best that France has to offer. Make your reservations early since these events sell out fast!

Friday. How sweet the sound...

Tonight is is a Wine Tasting Dinner, and we are going French. I expect to enjoy plenty of Bordeaux with beef, and a little white with appetisers and Champagne with dessert.

Barco Sin Vela crew must endure and overcome many challenges and obstacles to continue her gustatory mission:

(switch to Shatner voice of over acting)

To explore strange new culinary stations, to devour many dishes and libations; To boldly show, wherever dinner invitations bid us to go...

(switch back to whiny voice)

I dropped Hyacinth Kitteh onboard Barco, along with the late mentioned waffle iron, and various victuals for the weekend. Kitteh is happily guarding the vessel from aviary invaders and catching up on sun drenched catnaps.

At lunchtime, there shall be a beer and wine run. We will be doing some entertaining, tomorrow, we mustn't disappoint our guests...

Now for news;

This was the last view I had of Basse Terre, Guadeloupe, on our trip. After mentioning our visit, a few days ago, I started considering/planning a return trip via Air France. It has been a while, and our friend has been eager to welcome us back.

But the news is grim
and I have decided to wave off at this time. I did invite Pierre-Louis to visit us here in Florida. We have two extra rooms at the Veldt Lounge and deux bateau's for entertainment.

My friend followed up with a short email yesterday, saying President Sarkozy has given a speech and that conditions will return to normal. "Please come visit!", said our friend.

President Sarkozy may have said something, but I'm sure he didn't say anything about troops or martial law to force the rebellious workers to return to their jobs.

Today's news

I guess we will stay in Florida or California for our semiannual trip. My offer stands: Pierre-Louis, come visit us in Florida!


Buck said...

Grim indeed, re: Guadeloupe. Sounds more like a revolution in progress, to me. And I have a solution of sorts... but won't go all draconian on ya here.

Better news is your planned soirée this evening! Mmm... Bordeaux! ;-)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Buck.

On the implant front; My Mom had some bottoms and uppers put in place, she is as good as new.

Good luck on the process!

Buck said...

Thanks, DC, and what you say about your Mom reinforces what I've heard from all quarters on this subject. Most appreciated!