Monday, February 16, 2009


I gotta get some of this Stimulus money.

I feel if the gubmint would slide me a 10 million dollar Stimulus Loan, I can be enabled to demonstrate a "Sustainable Lifestyle Experiment", in which She Who Will be Obeyed and her faithful servant shall perform the actions which will show a sustainably greener lifestyle, and we will help restore full employment of the masses!

Just doing my part to further Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

And another benefit to all; we won't commute anymore!

See? The love just flows.

It used to be that if you felt the winds a-blowin' from D.C. way, it was time to grab your wallet and ride out the heavy rolls.

I hated to see the weekend come to a close. Close it did, at 0600. Up and at 'em, throw on the tennies and begin the force march around the neighborhood. We try to get in a couple of laps, every day. Today it was three laps. Maybe a two mile romp on the pavement.

We usually talk of whatever is on the mind, and we go over the weeks plans. I carry a flashlight to let groggy drivers know that we are sharing the road way.

Our neighborhood, Confederate Point, does not have sidewalks. Pretty convenient for playing dodge 'em with early morning commuters.

We only saw one car out this morning. This is because school is out for President's Day. Most of our neighbors drive their precious cargoes to school, since they wouldn't want the young 'uns riding a bus. Germs, you know...

I like to hear the owls getting the final hoo's and listen to the cardinals clicking at their mates. The wafting scent of the ritual morning cigarette smoke snuck outside the front door of a home... loud music blasting from a garage gym... these are some of the regular sights, sounds and smells of a neighborhood returning from slumber.

The most frustrating thing about a fine morning as this is that it is a Monday. I would rather have a cloudy rainy Monday and a sunny Saturday.

A few days ago, there was a tantalizing little taste of Guadeloupe and the Ile De Saints.

We have a friend in Basse Terre, Guadeloupe. His name is Pierre-Louis, and his boat was parked next to ours in a little marina that we just barged into, uninvited and without permission.

After tying up next to his bateau, we made sign language and Franglish greetings of the day. "Bonjour" we said.

"Hello and welcome", said Pierre-Louis.

Grateful to meet someone who could speak Anglais, we invited him onboard for spirits and cheeses, along with some wonderful Saucisse-Sec and baguettes.

Pierre-Louis was so pleased with his new friends, he invited us out for a sail.

You are probably considering the ironic implications. Asked us out to sail.

Well, I'm in! Anytime there is beer and boats, you can count me as onboard.

Underway, shift colors at 0900. A French banner on the stern and Kronenbourg in the helmsman's hand. Leinenkugel hat on my brow, a crew of Parisienne's and us two Americans. What could go wrong?


After a day of champagne and beer we made our way back to Basse Terre, with a fishing line trailing. We caught a tuna, which became the evening feast with our new friends.

I think we need to look at a trip back to Guadeloupe. Asap.

This, my friends, is a better story than the one I was working towards at the beginning of today's screed!

Have a fine Navy day.


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Buck said...

I'm thinking these pics should warm the cockles of hard-frozen hearts and other body parts in the northern latitudes. That or REALLY irritate them... depending, of course. As for me... I think they're just COOL!

Now... back on yer head! ;-)