Friday, February 27, 2009

Changed the boat picture to last week's

Hoping that everyone is having a fine Friday and is looking forward to a great weekend!

Looks really nice, there at the dock in Six Mile Creek. Even as if we were traveling like "Wilbury's".

We joined the Marine Trawler Owners Association, and look forward to having some fun with some like minded people.

There is a gathering planned for Punta Gorda in April. I brought it up to She Who Will Be Obeyed (By the way, that line is used by Boortz and a few others. It originated in some books written by the Late John Mortimer's series, "Rumpole of the Bailey")

Sorry, I digressed...

I gently (passive/aggressively) brought up the concept of operation of possibly considering, in the smallest least bothersome way, a small journey to Fat Point (Punta Gorda--bad translation) with our own Boat without Sail. After all, we are talking about three or four days each way...

No real answer was given (she said "No"), so I will press this again, later. Remember, I got that traveling Jones-- once again.

Back to the stolen Mortimer quip; My lovely bride is not half as demanding as I make her out to be. I am merely trying to steal some undeserved sympathy from my readers and local friends. It's like having a ready bailout from any and all situations, like saying, "Oh, I can't do that... I have to-- (fill blank in with some horror)"

Quite useful.

Tonight, wine tasting at the local Wine Warehouse and dinner at 1171.

Tomorrow? Off to the Rudder Club for a friend's 50th birthday. We will have the boat so that we don't drive after drinking. Always thinking of society's safety and not breaking any laws...

Stay safe and keep your boats inside of the navigational markers.


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Buck said...

No real answer was given (she said "No")...

LOL! I had that sort of attitude, too. "If at first you don't succeed..." ;-)