Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Very busy

But thinking of sumthin' to say.

I'm trying to come up with posting material. I do have a thousand stories, just want to put them out in some sort of order.

While at the local Yatch bar, met a Gent on Saturday named Adam, who is involved with the distribution of "Bold City". We had a couple of Bold City IPA's which were quite tasty. He gave me his email address on a napkin, but naturally, I tossed it in the garbage. We talked about my late trash talking of their fine beers.

There will be a field trip to the Roselle Street brewery, for further investigation.

The J.O.B. is deciding to leave Florida. Not cool, as far as my policies are concerned, but probably the right decision for the company. (Our Rhino Governor has turned Socialist on the Insurance industry) So rates have not kept up with losses and reserves, so big company is on the out-going tide.

I have never, ever drawn unemployment. We haven't been told that our jobs are actually on the line, but I don't need Billy Ayers to tell me which way the wind blows. So if these ice hole politicians are going to cost me a job, then I can guaran-(Place my favorite word here)-tee that I will draw unemployment to the bitter end. Oh yes.

If Romper Room was still on, Miss Mary Ann: might say, "...And I see DC, he's going away mad, with a load of beer on, he is gonna drive his boat to Islamorada, until his Unemployment check runs out..."

I watched "Deep Water", last night. Great to see our old acquaintance, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, proudly wearing his Little Ship Club sweater, telling a great story about the Golden Globe Challenge. Real sad story, the end sucks. The last fade out is Crowhurst's race boat abandoned in Cayman Islands. Having sailed a bit, I can say that I could not have stood up to the strain on that trashy boat. I would raise the Bravo Sierra flag and returned home to safety. The story really seemed to be about dreams, finance and those who will make a buck off of a shattered reputation.

But what could those racers do? No one was designing boats with seven seas cruising in mind. So I won't come in and monday-morning quarterback that race. Sad to see a family lose their Dad.

Back to work!

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Buck said...

NOT good about the pullout. This is one of those things where people not living in FLA are somewhat aware, and I'm one of 'em. I remember a flap about state gub'mint intervention in the insurance biz after one of y'all's hurricanes a year or so back... and the fact that a lot of insurance companies were threatening to pull out of Florida due to humongous losses. Now that it's coming to pass the public will be all the poorer for it. (I have an immediate grasp of the obvious... it's one of my finer traits.)