Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday morning revival

Greetings, sports fans!

It's ten thirty, and I have started moving towards productivity. We have completed two loads of laundry (had to remove the cigarette smoke from our clothes). The stank was permeating the dirty clothes.

Mali cat is trying to climb back onto my shoulder. She prefers Left-Shoulder-Cat, where she starts the purring and biscuit making on my tender shoulder flesh. Someday I will miss that. Until then, annoying. Can't drink coffee nor make tapping sounds which turn into words on the screen.

So, today will see me over to 'White Lightnin' to give her a desperately needed baff. (sp. int) We are showing her to a nice school teacher, tomorrow. Denise is really excited about possibly purchasing the San Juan 28. I hope it works out, because Denise and her kids are the right fit for this boat. We will be taking a 4K loss, but it is fine, since everyone needs a break in price once in awhile.

Alright, you got me. We need to pay taxes... I think Barco Actual is one of the last tax payer's in America. I couldn't get a position with the new President if I paid for it. Not qualified. I don't cheat the Gubmint.

They have more guns.

I have a genuine fear of anything containing the letters; I - R - S. Them folks can remove your rights in a Texas second, if it pleases them.

If I had Tom Daschle's money, I'd throw mine away.

By the way; We really don't make that much of an annual salary. Just haven't the children for the write off. But we haven't seen a tax refund since 2002 and I don't think there will be any for the forseeable fewtchums.

I have wealth envy. But I know that the market makes provisions for those who can and those who can't. Log me as one of the "dem who barely slide by".

We all must make decisions for the future. I made some lifestyle choices very early on that eliminated future involuntary servitude by eating a lot of crap over a twenty year enlistment, and not falling into the various life traps along the way.

Like divorce. I make sure that my Spousal Unit gets all of my attention and I ensure she knows that I am grateful for any bit of her affection she cares to toss my way. Oh, yes. It doesn't hurt that I do indeed, like her.

Divorce is the number one method of sloughing off personal wealth. Drugs are the second. Johnny Carson used to joke that he was going to find a woman he hated, and buy her a house. Just to cut out the wasted years in between.

When I was in a Navy Squadron, they always put me on the various weapons load teams. When a "Warning", "Caution" or "Note" would be read off the check list, we would all have to "Acknowledge" the warning caution and note, individually. DC on a weapons loading team might say, "Note acknowledged, continue". Gotta learn them easy lessons when we can, right?

Today, after cleaning the sailboat, I will return to the Barco Sin Vela, where we will begin the Saturday routine. What ever that is, but it will include beer, wine, champagne, music and hopefully a friend or two. More than likely, it will be She who will be obeyed, Hyacinth kitty, and long drawn out speechifying by the Junior Partner in all this.

I. Have. It. Made.

Almost forgot to mention last night. If you read my past couple of entries, you may notice that I am not big on bugging the famous, or somewhat famous.

We went to "Pastime" bar also known as the "Jug". It does indeed, have a small dance floor in which one could run from an armed, jealous lover by making the required three steps to the door.

This is a bar for regulars only. Yes. We walked in, and I could almost hear the hush as the bikers and their ol' ladies noted our arrival. (I have a Navy Haircut, wear very clean Wrangler jeans, belt and shiny Sperry boat shoes. Wife has a very professional short hairdo, clean trousers, leather shoes and a European cut soft leather jacket. We. Don't. Look. Like. We. Belong.)

We found a roosting place at the bar, in plain view of all. I didn't want to find out how fast I could get my butt kicked.

The bar was very friendly to us, and when Tim Dorsey came in he was welcomed like an old friend. After all, he was that city feller who wrote them nice words about their bar and all the nice patrons.

We met one of the characters from "Nuclear Jellyfish", Rhonda, and she introduced us to the author. I shook his hand and began the small talk that I knew was required, but also could see he just wanted me to go away.

Me: "How do you do!. Love the books, have been a fan for past ten years, and as you can see, we buy all your junk. Thanks, for sending the "autographed proof sheets" with our orders. "How is the merchandise moving on your web site?"

Tim Dorsey, looking surprised that I would ask a complex question: "Oh, well. "Great. "Uh, I notice you already have a copy of the new book, how did you do that?"

Me: "Easy. "We pre-ordered on Amazon".

Tim Dorsey signed our books and dismissed us, as a swarm of fans dog-piled on and obscured the big guy out of sight.

We were first. too cool.

So now it was ten to ten, I had the obligatory three Busch beers and we were trying to find an escape from the bar and not look like we were trying, to, well, escape.

So we went home, shared a bottle of bubbly and commenced checking our eyelids for light leaks.

End of Story.

Have a fun Saturday!

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