Friday, August 14, 2009

Attention on deck!

(I placed a photo of my old ship, Deyo for this occasion)


Procession will depart NAS heading to Downtown at 0845, leave for
Forrest High passing the Speicher family Church, Lakeshore Methodist (The sign at the church has a nice memorial for Scott Speicher) People will be standing in silent salute to very local boy who is finally home. The procession will pass through the former NAS Cecil Field and terminate at Jacksonville Memory Garden Cemetary, near Argyle.

A friend from two boats down was on base when Scott Speicher's remains were flown in to NAS Jacksonville, he said the entire base closed and the streets were lined with Sailors, Marines and civilians rendering honors.


Like the sign says at the Main Gate; All salutes are rendered and returned with pride.

Let's also remember those others who are still captive or missing. Our Nation must never rest until all are accounted for.

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Buck said...

Thanks for posting this, Darryl... most appreciated.

And welcome home, Captain Speicher. Rest in Peace.