Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have been digging around for pictures

This is the nicest cat ever; DC Kitty. She lived about twenty years and feared no mere dog. She knew that everyone loved her, so nothing ever startled her. DC used to slap Pit Bulls around in her youth. No fear at all.

The Akita is Kuma J. Dog.

There are a number of pictures I found, most of which are from my time on the Deyo. These are from the sailing trip in Curacao that I chronicled a couple months ago.

Captain Ron Voice; "Yep. Night time, comes around same time a day, just about sundown."

The photo above is us meeting at a cafe right before getting underway. You can tell that the fellows on my left are not too sure, but what the heck!

They will see.

Start heaving with a will!

This is the cove that was our destination for lunch. We had to swim ashore to reach the barbecue.

There are more, but it is getting late.

We can always remember the fun left in our wake, right?

I saw the name of the sailing vessel "Insulinde"

Insulinde is still in Willemstad doing the charter thing in Curacao. The website has great pictures, and I recommend a charter of this grand boat if you happen to be in Curacao!


Buck said...

Strange co-inky-dink: The Second Mrs. Pennington's and my first dog was also named Kuma. Her full name was Kuma Za Zoomer, Kuma for short.

re: swimming ashore for the bbq. I'm betting the swim back was... umm... "interesting." :D

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Indeed Buck; interesting. We were lean mean fightin' machines capable of all kinds of glorious deeds. Why we emptied that boat of all the Polar Beer. About six cases. Then we started on the rum and the wenches...

"Kuma" means Bear in Japanese. Very sweet dog who enjoyed the occasional human snack.

Buck said...

"Kuma" means Bear in Japanese.

Yup... knew that. Did I ever tell ya The Second Mrs. Pennington got her undergrad degree in Nihongo? And that we met while she was studying at Sofia U. on an exchange program in Tokyo? TMI, probably. :D