Saturday, August 1, 2009


After a wet and not so fun week, we find ourselves up and at 'em at 0800, Saturday morning. Last night there was the usual ribeye steak and wine, a very shabby South African Cab called "Paarl".

Unfortunately, our wine had been a nice gift from a sailing friend.

Oh terrible, sweet and soggy it was. Barco One and Two quickly condemned the smell and taste with a will, and down the sink it went. We replaced it with a fine Cote du Rhone called "Natural", and resumed our dining ritual.

The clean up in the kitchen was quickly completed and we retired to the living room for Country music videos. And champagne.

Bad, bad, bad!

Because a second bottle came out when the first had been retired. This went on until about 2200.

Barco Two went to bed and I put some good music on. Ramones "It's Alive". Ahhhh. Much better. I opened a bottle of Newcastle Brown and enjoyed live rock which cleansed my head of sappy love songs.

By the way, after watching Brad Paisley being interviewed about performing for the President, I needed some Hard Rebellious Rock, the kind that wears leather jackets.

I am very disappointed in that nice singer. Never, never bring out your political views when you are a public entertainer, because that will indeed alienate half of your fans. Just ask those brave girl singers from North Dakota, the ones with a chunky blonde feminista who has a derogatory last name of "Chix".

You all know that I am a huge fan of the President, and I can't wait until I am invited to drink Bud Lite at the White House. He is so dreamy...

Are you alienated? I'm not.

This week saw me feeling not a little worried about the J.O.B. We had a staff meeting on a Friday morning, end of the month and payday. Any sentient being in these strange times would imagine that a pink slip, or two was coming out.

End of month + last minute meeting= Adios; Maw Pucker!

In my case it was a ten percent pay cut.
My colleagues, the ones who really need the job were fairly happy at the result.

"At least we aren't losing our jobs", said they.

Too true. I am kinda grateful that there will be no changes in my employment, since I am responsible for boat expense, dockage and Club.

But I was sorta hoping to be a victim of the down economy. The Noble Victim, which in America is a tres cool thing.

A lost job would enable me to do the one thing I have never done; Collect Unemployment. Oh yeah, collectin' the Gubmint Cheese. Nowadays, the Government is involved in bread and circus's. Want a car? No problem, Mon.

Reality would be that I would be quickly at work doing something worse than what I do now. Probably at better pay but without all the free time I currently enjoy.

A fellow Navy retiree came by and took me to lunch. He wants to go into business with me in the worst way. The problem is I can't really think of what I might be good at which would provide a service or good that the public would need. Elmer thinks that we can open a Marine repair business.

Mister Negative Vibes comes back with, "But Elmer, nobody is buying boats today. And those who have boats are not paying for maintenance."

It's nice to have friends that care, and the reality is that nobody is going to make anything out there, unless that nobody works for themselves. When you are putting in eight hours for an employer, you are going to be too busy to take care of your own business.

So I bought one lotto ticket, paying the regressive tax that dangles the tiniest glimmer of hope that unearned wealth will come to the ticket holder. A real solution.

It is a suckers bet. Nobody seems to remember that in the not so distant past, the police would arrest the purveyors of lottery tickets. The crime was called "Running a Numbers Racket".

There was a joke that John Cadley told, ten years ago onboard his London based boat, "Fran";

"There was this Rabbi, he was praying hard and long to the Lord, begging Him, 'Oh Lord, please let me win the lottery...'

"The Lord replies, 'Meet Me halfway, Isaac... Buy a ticket.'"

Today is a install of the ignition switch and looking around for something to do. If the weather is nice I think we should get underway, it will be a nice way to clear the mind of last week's stress.

I wish that all of you could come by and join us on the St Johns river. It would be a great party!

Next week: I will have you all join us in the Wayback Machine, with a return to ten years ago, and begin planning the journey on the ocean. It will start with classes in navigation, a return to Calais and a final departure from London to England's South Coast and the little town of Lymington.

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Buck said...

Heh. I'm not alienated, either... just less than impressed. Much less, but let's not go there.

Sorry about the pay cut, but I tend to agree with your co-workers. Both employers I had after the AF never did the pay cut thing... it was layoffs. In waves, sometimes. The last company I worked for went from 350 people at its peak (in 2000) down to around 80 when I quit in 2002. Watching that krep go down was painful in the extreme.

Hope your weekend is good.