Sunday, August 2, 2009

Installed fifty dollar ignition switch

All righty, plugged all plugs on the eight posts. Moment of truth; I walk to the door to the back deck and ask everyone to be ready for the mighty roar of the Perkins Diesels which will come to life presently!

Turned the key, the squawk of the oil/coolant alarm is heard... twist to the second stage waiting for a mighty rumble ... which doesn't happen.

Just the pathetic squeal of the oil and coolant alarm, wailing petulantly in the foreground.


I suppose this will mean experts will have to be brought in to make repairs to the solenoid or starter. I am thinking the solenoid, and I happen to have a spare starter/solenoid set.

Forget about tearing anything apart; Let's just have a beer. Or four. Begin relaxation operations on the sundeck and why don't I break out the fish killing sticks?

There is shrimp in the fridge, so there is bait for fish and a hook to catch them with. There is an audience of hopeful fish feeders, namely the Hyacinth Kitteh. The Kitteh has faith that I can bring home fish. Spousal Unit is doubtful on my fishing skills and she knows that we are eating at the club tonight.

But the Kitteh paces around my ankles, giving a positive chirp every few minutes to make sure I know she is my fishing buddy.

I caught a skate. I let it go, there is no need to cut up a skate.

There were a couple of nibbles, I think crabs enjoyed my shrimp. It is fun to drown shrimp, but not as much fun as catching fish.

That was it for Saturday. Sunday morning was nice, I made up some blueberry waffles and coffee, the skates were biting again, caught a total of about three and let all of them go back to do their thing. Wikipedia says that skates are overfished and scarce.

Not in Pirates Cove.

Hope everyone gets a relaxing Sunday, tomorrow we toil.

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Buck said...

Ah. Sorry about the negative outcome on the repairs... but it sounds like you made the proverbial lemonade... ya know what they say about a bad day o' fishing. (And I probably shouldn't have written that last bit on a Monday.)