Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I support Chicagoans for Rio 2016

Hands down.

I have never visited Rio de Janeiro, but I am sure I would prefer Rio's beaches and tropical flavor over the crowds and traffic of the Second City.

This website, "Chicagoans for Rio 2016" have a great "Head to Head" window which extolls the great stuff from each city; For example... Beaches: Rio has Copacabana and Ipanema versus Chicago's 63rd Street and Calumet. Statues: Rio has Christ Standing vs. Chicago's Lincoln sitting, and so on.

I support anything that keeps deficits down and confounds any political machine.

A slogan for the Chicago Olympics says, "CHICAGO 2016 = Diversity, Green & High Profile Games !!!"

Nonsense. Diversity is the opposite of Unity, which would seek to show how divided Americans are, especially by Race Creed and Color.

If any of you have seen the results of any "Green" event/protest, you will be able to remember the piles of trash and plastic water bottles that our Environmentally aware brethren love to leave laying around.

Finally, "High Profile Games"? Viewing of the Olympics is reduced by the many options people have on their three hundred channel cable systems.

I think I would rather visit Rio. Like Delta Airlines said last year; "It's different down there".

This just in: Click on "I Support Rio's Bid for the 2016 Olympic Games" and click on the appropriate support button. We have to help our neighbors to the South win this prestigious event!

I'm a giver.


JihadGene said...

I'm with you! Screw Chicago, all their community organizers, former SDS & Weathermen, and that piece of crap ex-Marine, Reverend Jeremiah Wright JR....the punk! No, I got no love for the Stinking Onion or the Windy City. None at all.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Gene. I am all for cleaning up the Windy City and making it a safe place for all its citizens, but they don't enforce the Anti-Sedition laws, anymore.

So the Race dividers and radicals continue on their public money supported way, trying to bring "reform" (Read; Communist Progressive revolution) to their masses.

Buck said...

The best I can say for Chicago is they have a good hockey team. Not great, mind you... just good.

And some good blues bars, too, come to think on it.