Monday, May 10, 2010

Peeves that need Petting

One Peeve, that has become a Pet is the term "Looser". Usually used by someone who really means to say; "Loser".

Deduct fifteen points from that loser's grammar grade. Looser describes a physical fit of some type. Like this;

Today, I enjoyed a full English Breakfast with an added half cup of dietary fiber, followed by two cups of coffee. My morning constitutional was much looser than yesterday's.

Watching the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving day is a loser tradition. I watch the Detroit Lions every Thanksgiving; I must be the Loser, especially after betting on the Lion's. I find my wallet seems Looser and  not so snug with petty cash.

Two Peeves: I was watching the Professional Golf show from Ponte Vedra, yesterday. Everytime one of those golfer fella's hit the ball, a screaming contest would begin in the gallery;

"GET IN THE HOLE!!!" Anyone caught yelling that inane little encouragement should be strangled by an IRS agent. Or at the very least, their neighbor should throttle them out of respect for the players and the folks watching at home.

"GET SOME!!!" was another one yelled repeatedly at the 17th hole. That individual should be sent to Afghanistan where they too, could indeed "Get Some".

It was a fine Mother's Day, we cooked up some spicy chili shrimp followed by salmon on the grill. A wonderful 2006 Chardonnay from Franciscan Vineyards completed the gustatory experience. Dessert was a
Crème Brûlée with strawberries, served with a Chateau Ste Michel Washington bubbly.

Have a fine week!


Unknown said...

It was a fine Mother's Day, we cooked up some spicy chili shrimp

Sounds great, you sharing recipes?

Buck said...

I literally cringe at the grammar... or lack of same... and common spelling errors in most blogs.

My pet peeve is the apostrophe used for the plural form. One of my favorite grammar-pundit sayings goes something like "The use of the apostrophe in modern American English is seemingly limited to announcing the impending arrival of the letter 'S.'"