Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

I'm only sayin'...

Today is/was the big Bank promotion at work. I stood in the sweltering sun of Jax cooking hot dogs for anyone who cared to be thrifty and get a free lunch.

But ya gotta hear the pitch for our car loans/credit cards and home financing. Boss bought twenty pounds of beef hot dogs from Sam's Club, some "Bakers" brand. Outstanding dogs! I will be purchasing a box for my grill, they were that good.

T-Minus seven days until we make the big pilgrimage to the Keweenaw Peninsula, in honor of two nephews who gradjieate (sp. int) from Calumet High, home of one George Gipp.

Photo ripped off from the good folks at Keweenaw info. They own all rights to the picture. (This blog earns no money)

Just to show a token of our extreme, we shall visit and leave many gifts. I'm just hoping that the winter is over with, it will be nice to not be cold.

In a couple weeks, one of the nephews will be heading off to his National Guard advanced individual training. The other nephew shall head off to a big deal Technical school to become a ASE mechanic. They really are two very nice young men, and their families are very proud of them.

Fortunately, they merely think of me as some kind of ole-timer goofball, to be tolerated at family functions. For instance; I can't wait to revisit the world famous bar in Gay, Michigan. Totally nice place that welcomes all people, not just the locals. About fifteen years ago, we spotted a bear about a hundred yards from the little town. Great times.

Apparently, we will be staying in a cabin next door to the Phoenix Bar.

Our trip will take us from Jax to Deetroit, Rock City. There we will get in a puddle jumper which will deposit us at the former K.I. Sawyer AFB, Marquette Michigan.

Are you excited for us?

Sure. I knew you were.

Be back, later today.


Buck said...

I AM excited for ya, actually. Michigan is one of my favorite places in all the world.

It'll be dicey re: winter. I'd put a sweater or two in MY duffel, just in case.

Apropos of nothing... I checked The Gay Bar's beer menu and saw this:

Blue Moon, Belgium

Now that IS Teh Gay... Coors is Coors is Coors. But OTOH, they serve Boddington's and Old Speckled Hen. Forgiven.

Anonymous said...
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