Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pretty quiet weekend

Did the dining out thing on Friday night. Saturday was a day for shopping for shoes and clothing for the Spousal Unit, followed by a quiet afternoon home. The fun thing was we were actually able to find four pairs of shoes that fit properly and found some good deals on clothing. We celebrated by coming home and watching the tv starting with the previous day's Red Wings Sharks game.

Ordered a Papa Johns pizza online, (First time in about ten years), which is more convenient than calling the order in. Results? The pizza was not quite as good as I remembered, so we won't be doing that again. Just picky about pizza nowadays, nothing anyone can do about pickiness.

The cats were up today at the crack of six so I resisted them as long as I could. Gave in to their craziness at 0700, got them their wet food and fired up the coffee. "Them" were very much in the playing mode, running at full sprint through the house, tackling each other and running over our feet. If only we could get them to retract the claws as they pass by. Would be so nice...

As for today, the big plan is for when I will meet the Mom at the Yacht Club for the famous brunch, at noon. Great to dine on the water with the finest view on the St Johns River at no extra cost to us po' folk.

We have enjoyed the slower pace of this weekend, too bad we can't have more than two days off. Later this month we will get in some long distance traveling, we will be in Michigan at the end of the month for graduations at Calumet High School (George Gipp being the most famous Alum).


But I do enjoy visiting the Upper Peninsula. Not so much hustle and bustle as there is in just staying warm. The people are nice up there, too. Once they know that we are kin to Tommy and Sue. Always mentioning that the Spousal Unit is Tommy's sister, this ensures that we are met with open friendliness and not the quiet distrust given regularly to the visitors from "down South".

Everyone knows everyone else in the Keeweenaw, I think the population is maybe 1800 strong, so it is natural that all the locals look out for one another. Not a bad thing, wish it was this neighborly in the Hood we call Jacksonville. In the U.P. everyone has at least two guns in the car, just like parts of Jacksonville!

So endeth the dull report of our quiet weekend. Hope everyone else is enjoying the Spring and getting outside to feel the warmth of the sun!


Buck said...

Ah... it's a cold Spring these last few days in my neck o' the woods. I might get outside later today, but it's hockey for about the next half-hour or so.

I enjoyed visiting the UP in the way-back. TSMP had friends who lived up there and it was always fun to visit. I never went up that way in winter, tho. Mama didn't raise no fools.

Unknown said...

Papa John lives about 3 miles from me, I'm sure he would not concur with your pizza review, but, I certainly do.

Beware of the Yankees, if you cross the Mason Dixon line you better have friends lined up, good job.

Good Luck, the crew of the Lucky Dog.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Welcome Aboard Dave O!
I'm sure Papa John is a decent guy and I really did like the pizza's ten years or so, back. Tastes evolve and change and I prefer local eateries.

Buck; We are just getting back to the normal warm weather, 75F in the mornings. Hope the Wings can get their mojo back.