Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Word for the day: SODIS

SODIS: I never knew about this method of SOlarDISinfection. Apparently, if you place water in a clean plastic or glass bottle and lay the bottle on a metal surface for heat conduction, the bacteria and other nasties will be disinfected in six hours from heat and ultraviolet light. They recommend that the water be fairly clear and not completely brown.

This is helping third world people reduce the rampant runs and other water borne afflictions that make living in the wild such an interesting affair. I wonder if cholera can be reduced? Typhoid, even?

We never learned this in Land Survival, we were told to carry water purification tablets or bleach. Still, this is great news and easy for any of us who happen to have clear bottles to be able to make drinkable water, in only six hours of bright sun.

I repeated the six hour thing just to ensure the reader got that important bit of business. Because the Barco Crew cares.

This would be a part of the UN that makes sense, helping people survive in tough conditions. Now, all we have to do is get the Women Hating Totalitarians off of the Human Rights Council and we can get back to helping the humans, rather than just oppressing them for their own good.

Thus endeth, today's term of the day.


Buck said...

News We Can Use. Your public spiritedness (I just made that up, Firefox's dictionary doesn't like it) is admirable.

re: The UN. A good idea gone wrong. There are about 67 third-world member countries that need some serious bitch-slapping to make it right again. And maybe about three industrialized nations, too. There's an original ideer, right?

USA_Admiral said...

It is good information to know. I would have never guessed.