Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Barco is getting a thorough Field Day

Barco Sin Vela II is in the midst for a great field day, much rubbing of compound on the gel-coat and waxing of surfaces. Charlie, our new wax on/wax off specialist is hard at work on the project. We will be looking shiny and clean by Saturday. A visit to the fuel docks on the Ortega River will occur because we are down to a mere two hundred gallons, and one must keep diesel tanks full to inhibit water formation. Water in diesel gives life to some odd critters who live to clog filters and diesel injector systems, which then keep a whole industry alive who specialize in removing said gunk.

An alert/deployment order has been received from the island of Huahine; One or two of the Barco Crew shall be required to mount a relief for the good sailing boat "Beaujolais". The First Mate having some medical issues which require a return to Australia.

I will be departing in the next two weeks for Rarotonga, by way of New Zealand. Upon arrival, Beaujolais departs 02 August for Niue.

Here is the itinerary:

Depart Rarotonga, Cook Islands August 2nd for Niue (5 nights at sea)
Cruise Niue – 8th  to 11th August
Depart Niue 12th August for Tonga (2 nights at sea)
Cruise Tonga – 15th to 24th August
Depart Tonga 25th  August for Savu Savu, Fiji (4 nights at sea)
Cruise Savu Savu 31st August to 4th September
Depart Savu Savu, Fiji 5th September for Suva, Fiji (1 night at sea)
Depart Suva, Fiji 7th Sept for Musket Cove, Fiji (2 nights at sea) 
Musket Cove Race Week - 10th to 17th September
Cruise Fiji Islands – 18th September to 28th September 
Depart Fiji 30th September for Vanuatu
Cruise Vanuatu
Depart Vanuatu 14th October for Bundaberg Australia, maybe via New Caledonia, to arrive Bundaberg 28th October (8 or 9 nights at sea)
Depart Bundaberg 2nd November to arrive Coolongolook by 7th November.

The great thing is that I don't have to purchase a sailboat to take this trip. But I have to be the crew, so I hope that I can fit into that role as well as I would want my crew to be.

As for the blog; I hope to update when there is internet availability and I will include many more photo's than you have seen from my previous journeys. That will be because of the technology of digitized cameras. I won't have to purchase film or wait for the processing. You, the reader will see more underway photography and less bar scenes.

It will be a busy two weeks.


Gary said...

Wow, just wow -and you posted that under a blog about a Field Day on the Barco? I am simply green with envy and hope you wind up having a terrific and safe adventure!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Gary said, "Wow, just wow..."

I was in the middle of the post about cleaning the boat when I got the Skype call from Huahine, Cook Islands. Instead of a new post I thought I would slip that little gem in there in order to see if anyone is paying attention.

Life is happening right now. Not tomorrow. So I gotta go while I can.

Ken n Cheryl said...

How exciting! Have fun and we look forward to hearing about your new adventures in the beautiful islands. We're so jealous!

Buck said...

OK... all the GOOD stuff happens while I'm away. You know I pay attention, when I'm here.

I am SOOO envious! Take lotsa pics.