Tuesday, July 27, 2010

T-18 Hours for launch

Ok, checklists be damned; Start Sequencers are armed and ready for launch at 1230, tomorrow. It is almost time and we are preparing for hand off of controls as we depart for that "one particular harbor".

All of the trash that travels is on the billiards table or stuffed in the two bags I will check in.


The video above is to entertain you while I continue packing my stuff in an almost dual panic/excitement mode of operation.

Once in the plane there is no turning back, and after all the crap I talked about this trip, there is no possibility of turning back. Heck, I left my j-o-b back at the office!

The Malli Cat is sitting about a foot away, snoozing without any knowledge that her favorite human is about to abandon her. She will be most upset, as is the Spousal Unit who hasn't had to send me away since Germany. They need their Staff to stay here and take care of the small stuff that needs taking care.

Like putting the trash out, or cleaning cat litter. Or the dishes.

Beaujolais is in Rarotonga, waiting to meet their new crew at the airport at 1630 local, Thursday.

The hard work begins that Saturday as we prepare to get underway for Niue next Tuesday. 

I sure hope they have dancing Polynesian Ladies wearing grass skirts. You, the reader will be the second or third to know if that happens, because there will be evidence!  No waiting for the film processing, no sirree! Straight to the internet we shall be.

If not, it will be ok, because the weather is warm, with the azure waters covering the coral reefs that have seen and dug it all, baby! And the background groove playing a five beat that only Brubeck contain, digging loud and clear over the travelin' victrola, man...

Right. I'm no where near the words of a Jack Kerouac, but I look forward to trying to describe the culmination of twenty-five years of dreaming and scheming; Actually sailing the islands that Jack London himself sailed. 

Only this time, we won't mess up and get sick and lose the will to persevere, forget where we be headin' which is the Land of Oz, baby!

Malli doesn't care, she knows she can snooze with me tonight.


Ken n Cheryl said...

You're on your way out and still had time to post?! What cool videos! We're very familiar with "One Particular Harbour", but have never seen the video. Can't wait to see the "evidence".

Buck said...

We shall be monitoring your progress, as we always do, in great anticipation of lotsa "local color." In grass skirts.

Safe trip, Darryl.

JihadGene said...

Loved Take Five LOOONG time!!!