Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cat Calming

At the Barco Sin Vela, we know that our main mission is the care and support of Them. We humans are staff for the kittehs and they know it. During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we discovered inadvertently, a method of keeping Them happy and out from underfoot.

The new method is called "Cat Calming".

Normally, a kitteh is either in a state of complete rest or in motion. Motion consists of running back and forth at break neck speeds, begging for food or attention, or hunting.

Rest is usually in a lap or bed, anyplace will do.

Here is a display of Mao, our Big Boy Cat.

Him begins to get a bit dozey

Fighting to stay awake

Gives in to natural instincts

Now, the problem is that Cats may decide they want to be following us around the house. Especially into closed off rooms or escaping outside. Other times, we may just need them out from under our feet as we perform household tasks.

Cat Calming is material condition set when a warm towel is placed on a bed. When the announcement comes over the Ships 1MC, 'Now set Material Condition: Cat Calming'.

I place some towels into the dryer, set on very warm. Run the dryer for about five minutes and reach in, pull out towels and let the door slam.

Upon hearing the door slam, Them will usually make way for the bedroom at great speeds while communicating their displeasure at me. They know that I'm gonna pull a fast one on them, but they want the warm towel, firstly. 

Spreading the towels in a visually pleasing manner, I get out of the way for the final act of setting the Cat Calming Condition.


In place, ready for the next step...

Cat Calming is now in effect. Continue Ship's Work.

Now I can get stuff done. I have laundry drying, cleaned out the cat bathroom and washed down the kitchen. Now I am free for just doing whatever. Without interruption!

Coming up; There will be a celebratory Wine Dinner for the New Years Eve at the Yacht Club. I have my tux ready and She Who Will Be Obeyed has a new formal dress for the occasion. It seems like we were just doing this a couple of months ago. The years certainly do get shorter...

Have a great evening!

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Buck said...

The years certainly do get shorter...

You got THAT right. I need to start thinkin' about what sorta urn I want. I'm gonna buy my own.