Friday, December 2, 2011

End of the week!

Who can say that they don't like Fridays? And I'm not talking about that chain of eateries, either.

There is a large mound of videos on the computer that have not been polished for public viewing. No, there is nothing embarrassing like questionable clothing malfunctions and such. Sometimes I may use colorful language; Like calling somebody a "red assed baboon".

Actually, I have never called any human a rouge-buttocked orangutan, but I do use some blue words here and there. I could just put music to videos, but then you may not like my favorite music. (I'm not sure if the Ramones are appropriate, do you? Click on the link and be surprised... I really dig the blonde chick!) So then the Copyright people get involved and delete your video because they own the rights to the music. Nope.

Here is an interesting essay on the gangsters who control the music industry ostensibly on behalf of the copyright holders, but I suspect it's really about the gangsters' own bottom line.

Here is another great essay by a singer/songwriter named Phillips, and his personal fight with ASCAP/BMI.

ASCAP and BMI can all sit and spin on the cosmic utensil, as far as I'm concerned. Because I don't want any trouble, I will pretty much refrain from loading on music to my poorly edited videos. (Heh-heh; I said refrain, heh, heh).

That's a digression!

Anyway, the latest video edit appears here.

She Who Will Be Obeyed is not in the video because her hair looked funny from the wind and she did not want anyone to see shagginess.

I hope my mish mash of videos are not boring people. This is because when we are home we are not creating new videos, so the only way to retain the feeling of doing is to watch videos of what was done. That, and telling sea stories, which we all know about how troof-full dey be!

I still love a Friday, even though every day is a weekend day for me. But I stay engaged and busy; Yesterday, I did 24 hours of continuing education in Insurance on the web. Today I will do a bit more study for the Captain's License. Tonight we shall bring the Barco Crew to the Yatch (sp int) Club for dining and boozing. We will even bring our house guest (Her Dad) to join us, if he is good.

Tomorrow evening, we will form up two teams at the Elks Lodge for their trivia competition. I plan on destroying the other teams. After all, no one is more trivial than I.

Please enjoy the video sensibly and have a fine rest of the day.


Buck said...

So I clicked on the link thinkin' I'll be getting Ramones and got The Modernaires, mo betta. The blonde lady reminds me o' Mom, even though Mom was a brunette. The clothes and the hairstyle, yanno?

I was literally RAISED on Glenn Miller (and his contemporaries, like the Dorseys, et al), until Mom discovered rock'n'roll. That was a Black Day in the Ol' Man's book; he never came around.

Stayin' busy is good; I should take a page or a chapter outta yer book. On second thought, no. Coz that sounds too much like WORK. (Said in my best Maynard G. Krebs voice)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Glad you clicked the link. That clip was considered to quite hip back in 1942.

I try my best to stay busy and to accomplish something. But the power of gravity is strong and sometimes I wind up in the pile-o' cats taking a snooze.

In seven days I will be at the Cubi O' Club!