Thursday, December 8, 2011

Off to Pensacola in eight hours!

We depart on our five hour journey later on today. I have a reservation at the Navy Lodge and we should be there around 2100. Packing will be light, it's not like we going on an expedition. But we will pack some Gevalia coffee along with those long life Moo-Milks. Because one never knows if the hotel has anything that might pass for coffee in the room. Bet on not having drinkable morning breakfast beverages. And I don't care for that powdered ersatz creamer, made entirely from petroleum.

Have you ever noticed that "coffee" in a motel room usually has a flavor resembling slightly stale paper? Maybe it's just me, but disappointment in the morning at a rooming facility is as common as sunshine in a desert. In fact, I just may bring a coffee maker with us to ensure drinkable bevvies are ready at that most critical time; The Morning After.

Ok, so packing is underway, the Meezers have a warm towel and I better get moving.

By the way; For those interested in in burgling our house: Don't bother. Our home shall be occupied by a 2X Large slacker who is well versed in firearms. He shall be the Staff-Who-Brings Cat food, and empty-er of kitty litter.

More later.

Ok, back again. Malli is on my shoulder, connected to me via very sharp claws.  She is purring a staccato fugue in my right ear. Love...

I have returned from the beverage barn with a fresh keg o' Sierra Nevada and a case of White Burgundy wines. Beer has been installed and is operational.

Last minute packing is all that is left and we are go for a1630 launch. A nice benefit this evening is gaining back an hour; Pensacola is on Central time.

See you later...


Buck said...

Because one never knows if the hotel has anything that might pass for coffee in the room.

Yup. I carried my own coffee with me for years on bid'niz trips, coz it's a safe bet that the hotel WON'T have drinkable coffee in the room. And there are some places in the world where you can't find drinkable coffee anywhere. Just sayin'.

Have a great trip!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Buck. Wilco!