Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of 2011

Amateur Night!

Tonight, those who never partake will be out in force at parties everywhere. So don't drive. Your chances for a mishap are higher than normal and it is not worth it. Let the dummies get together on their own, ok? Let us also try not to imbibe too freely, there is plenty to go around and we can do this over a long stretch of time.

I hear that the AAA will be towing people home for no charge. But supplies are limited! Plan accordingly.

2011 was a decent year for us here at the Barco Sin Vela. A new job was acquired with the appropriate bump in pay, one of us has disengaged from society, and overall our health is good. We would ask for continued good luck for next year, since no one knows what kind of challenges await us.

//Rant On:  I'm hoping that our Country gets it's act together, that's for sure. I grow weary of the Media, who act as Willing Lap Dogs of our President and who are making every Republican Candidate look dumber than our current Vice President!  Then again, it's easy to see why quality Candidates are unwilling to put their families through the cruel wringer of microscopic study. Only a true egotistical jerk would do that to their loved ones. So that's what we get as candidates for public office...

We need to kick every incumbent out of Con-Gress (Both Sides!) since they have not been doing their jobs in representing the people. It's about time we have regular people who know how to balance their own checkbooks controlling the National Purse! It is inexcusable that the last Con-Gress (2009-2010) did not make a budget for 2011 and punted the fiscal ball. This stunt was to make the current Congress look as foolish as possible for the 2012 election. Throw. The. Bums. Out. The House of Representatives was not meant to be a lifetime sinecure for Our Betters.

But back to the close at home stuff. Anybody can have an opinion; Opinions are like anterior orifices: We all have one.

Rant Off!//

I will try to accomplish every one of my goals that I started on in the last couple months. The Boat Captain test is happening in the early part of February, so I have that to look forward to and a bit more of study, too. Also we have an attic that needs clearing and re-insulated. I have a number of boat items out back that need to be sold/traded and a refrigerator needs to be installed onboard Barco. There is much to do!

The ugly word must be mentioned; Varnish. Varnish will need to be applied to wood surfaces on the boat, too. I really don't like to do that kind of stuff but since I am unemployed I shall have to person-up and perform. Responsibilities, and all that goes with my-good-deal!

2012 will be tomorrow, we have much to do and only 365 days to do it in!

I promise to do more boating and to report on such activities. There are many out there who cannot, so it is up to the Barco Crew to again be at the pointy end and do.

Please, everyone; Take good care of your health and be here for the next New Years Eve!


Buck said...

I learned the "amateur night" term from the Ol' Man, who was anything but an amateur. My New Year's Eve partying is well and truly behind me; tonight will be spent in front of the teevee with a few fingers o' single malt, repeated as necessary.

This year was pretty good to me, as well. Mebbe not as good as it was to you and yours, but sufficient. No tragedies, at any rate. ;-)

Happy New Year, Darryl!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

And the same to the Exile in Portales!