Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday; Baking Day

I type this with the big Boy Cat pacing on my lap. Him wants something (To Go Outside) but it ain't happening. So he leans on my arms hoping for pets or just to slow my action down.

It is always something with Siamese Cats. Them require staff to perform tasks. Now.

Reveille was held at 0555, Them wanted food and it was so. Now, preparations will be made to start the baking marathon that always happens, just about this time of year. Russian Tea Cakes (Little dry flour, butter and powdered sugar balls, which require coffee for safe consumption), Snickerdoodles (cinnamon sugar cookies made from a recipe in that Better Homes New Cookbook binder that was published 40 years ago), Oatmeal Cookies with dried cranberries (Oh, yes... they are the new favorites!) and of course the flat white cookies shaped like Christmas with colored sugar. I'm sure the last ones have the least calorie content.

But Christmas isn't about calorie counting, is it?

No, Christmas is about rude shoppers at the Navy Exchange and Commissary, pushing zombie-like as they zero in on that one object to your right and they shove you aside in haste to grab it. Parking lot kamikaze's with cell phones driving their family vans aimlessly in search of the last parking spot. The endless ringing bell of the homeless guy standing in front of Publix, with that Salvation Army Bucket gleaming accusingly at me as I try to slip by, hoping to be ignored.

I'd rather write a check. Anonymous cash in a bucket may not make it to the good folks in need. Am I too cynical? Yes. Relax Francis...

I'm not trying to sound like a Dr Seuss character, but I really dislike the seeming hypocrisy of people wanting to make large purchases, and thus show love and affection for their families. All to the exclusion of good manners, while trying to run me off the road. Harrumph.

We shall endeavor to persevere, as Chief Dan George said many years ago. That, and enjoy the cookies and hope that next year is as good as the past bunch have been for SWWBO and myself. My large girth being evidence of such good living.

The good news is that temperatures are holding in the 70's around here, I love warm weather in December. Makes me feel somewhat smart for living in Florida. Maybe I should go see what the boat is up to at the dock.

Have a great weekend, and may all your cookies be tender and sweet, and coffee hot!


Buck said...

...that Better Homes New Cookbook...

I have one of those. It's the ONLY cookbook I saved out o' many when I downsized life these many years ago. And now I'm in a position where I wish I had all o' the damned thangs back again. (sigh)

Enjoy the cookies. And the WX! ;-)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Yeah, we have a bunch of other books, but the classic is that particular one.
You have a nice one too, and get out side and play!

Alison said...

I'm a Betty Crocker cookbook user... lol... which in my mind is on the same level as your BH&G book with it's time honored delicious recipes. Although, I didn't find a Russian Tea Cake recipe in mine? BTW, my tolerance for people in December has tanked. Stay strong... and best wishes for a Happy New Year. :)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

The Russian Tea Cake recipe is one from my childhood - written on a scrap of paper. I have been making them for over 40 years. SWWBO

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Alison, thanks for coming by, always nice to see comments from far away.

Stay warm up there in the Cape!