Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Apparently, the dead vote without id!

In New Hampshire.

Always wonder why I get treated like poorly when I vote. I guess I do not look literate enough to vote properly.

Well, anyway... Got the Barco back late yesterday afternoon. Left for the home dock immediately after because the water was ultra calm. I figured I could get her back and tied up faster by myself rather than wait for an extra hand.

Paid the bill from Sadler's this morning at 0900, sharp. Fourteen hundred big ones for the install of the fridge, repairs to side door, repacking shaft glands, repair of vacuum head system and finally recharging the forward A/C with freon. Add the nine hundred bucks for 240 gallons of diesel and we have a large hole in the budget for January!


Ah well, could be having to pay for something else like legal fees or bail. Which is why we keep the Barco the way we do; it keeps us out of trouble! Like a home away from home, especially when we have had wine with dinner at the club.

The fuel price seems rough, but we only refuel about twice a year, at the most.

A set of sails for a comparable sized sailboat would run about 14K for main, and two head sails. Sails last about eight to ten years, so you can see for yourself that the propulsion costs are fairly even. And yes, I know the arguments for and against. This is my ship, and I'm the Captain!

Full speed ahead on the fun, ok?

Today, the winds have been very brisk and we waited for some showers which haven't materialized. Good thing I moved the boat in yesterday's calm. Looking at the weather map, looks like the approaching cold front is at Tallahassee and heading this way.

Not sure if we will actually get out for this weekend, playing it by ear and staying warm are the priorities!

See you later!


Buck said...

And here I thought mo'sickles and RVs were money pits... ;-)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Indeed. We try to help the economy move forward.

If I had a motorcycle, I could just leave it in the garage until I felt like fixing it. R/V's tend to stay on the side of homes and can be ignored until vacation time. Not so much with big boats.