Monday, January 9, 2012

Back again!

Survived the great weekend, the weather was top notch with temps reaching 78 yesterday! Even better with a full moon with clear skies to enjoy both night and day here in sunny Florida.

The Barco remains at Sadler Point undergoing maintenance, I hope to get her back in the next couple days.

Here's a new one for you readers; This morning, I heard what sounded like cats scurrying about in the billiards room. I looked and found that there were no cats present. Just a lot of rustling in the closed up fireplace, up the flue. It was getting pretty frantic up there and I could tell that either a raccoon or squirrel was trying to get out.

I went online looking for a solution. There was even a phone number for a local critter gitter, but I don't feel like paying an outrageous amount of bucks to some 20 year old to remove squirrels.

There is a mound of boating detritus by our air conditioning unit, outside. There is an anchor, two kayaks, two rubber dingys, and a dock box. And a fifty foot length of 3/4 inch anchor line.

Hmmm. Plenty of line for what I need!

Went into the garage, acquired a ladder (blew the dust off!), a broom (for whacking any larger creatures like possums or coons) and for weight, found a two inch zinc which was perfect for lowering into the chimney.

Climbed up on the roof for the first time, walked carefully to the chimney. I had no idea that our chimney was made out of galvanized steel. I thought it was white brick.

Anyway, got to the chimbley and lowered about fifteen feet of line with the zinc tied in a big not at the bottom. Tied off the line to the chimbley itself, and departed for twenty minutes to give any shy creatures an opportunity to free themselves.

Noise had vanished when I returned to the billiards room. I waited a little longer to be sure before returning to retrieve the line and weight.

Good deed for the day has been accomplished, I also did the gym and followed with the daily 20 minutes on the stair machine. Next up is a trip to the Barco and then returning to my studies this afternoon.

I think a trip up the St Johns river will be mounted this three day weekend. Especially if the weather stays as nice as it has, because someone has to do it!

Speaking of Squirrels...

The Suit's are picking up the bill!

I love this group!


Buck said...

You are a kind and true gentleman. PETA thanks you.

SNZ is an acquired taste, methinks.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Buck.

If a PETA member were trapped in my flue, I think I would consider lighting a fire. That would be a way to disengage, wouldn't it?

As for SNZ; I enjoy New Orleans style music especially when the music is tongue in cheek!

Ken n Cheryl said...

Temps in the 70's and a full moon at night .. can't get much better than that! Enjoy your upcoming weekend!