Monday, March 26, 2012

Quiet weekend and evenings

It used to be wine, women and song. Now it's Beer, TV and the Old Lady.

That was an moldy-oldie joke, but here at the Barco Sin Vela it has more truth with all of the excitement, nowadays. Except She Who Will Be Obeyed does not like beer. And because of the pain killers she is abstaining from wine, too.

Everybody is getting in on this phase of helping out the recovery act. Even the kitties are performing Cat-Scans at every opportunity, doing their part to encourage healing and defensive postures to protect the wounded area.

They use Lasers.

Threat acknowledged. Activating defensive systems!

Move away, slowly from the Mom... and nobody gets hurt
They seem to instinctively know which limb is not doing well, they add body warmth and patented "Snooze Action" to help healing.

The Cats have a pecking order which is reinforced by pecking and biting. Mao (The Boy Cat) has a J in his tail and always has the best position, nearest the viewer. Malli (The Malevolent One) is always in the center. Malli's sister, Saffy (The Sweet, Pretty, yet Feral Kitteh) is always marginalized on the far side.

The two Girls like watching TV

Mao wants to snuggle

Mao Lf Saffy rt

More Cat Scan action

A week into this new routine, the pain is still present but there is more mobility in the Spousal Unit. We hope that in the next ten days the pain will cease completely. She was a bit more aggressive yesterday, we spent the afternoon by the pool in the sunshine, watching the Mom Unit do the gardening functions. We have a new batch of flowers and even a couple honey dew melon plants. I pitched in by transplanting a large rosemary plant out of the ten gallon pot to the ground by our Queen Palm.

Poolside flowers

Awaiting transfer

Bay Leaf, tomato, chive, banana pepper and marigolds

Afternoon storage area for Kittehs. The Sunroom is warm and bright.

Fine dining was had yesterday evening, I grilled a slab o' ribs while enjoying the late day rays of the sun.  Nothing like the smell of charcoal and burning meat coupled with the cool fragrant air of a warm spring evening. I could even smell the rosemary plant from the other side of the yard, settling into a new home in the garden.

Today is yet another glorious, sunny morning. The birds be a chirpin' and the skwiddle's are running about stealing the bird's food. I think I will go to the store to hunt and gather for later. The pool will be the gathering point yet again for us hoomans and we will enjoy the afternoon thusly.

Have a nice week!


Buck said...

Free cat scans! Or relatively (heh) free, anyhoo. What will ya think of next?

My doggies had laser eyes, too. But not quite as powerful, methinks.

It sounds like recovery is proceeding apace, and that's a great good thang.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

If we had a dog, I'm sure there would be a "Lab Test", too.

Thanks for stopping by, Buck!