Saturday, March 17, 2012

Underway today!

Friday afternoon at the dock

The Barco is getting underway @1100ish. Off to the Six Mile Creek for the Outback Crabshack. And no, I don't go for the food, just the great destination. And the news for today is that we have a new chair on the helm, installed by the unskilled house boy.

That chair took about four hours in the hot sun and I intend to enjoy the fruits of my labor this a.m!

Old chair, moments before removal ops began

The weather here has been like Summer anywhere else, say Michigan? Temp's in the low eighties and blue skies with very low humidity.

This has been what used to be called a normal Florida Winter. We had three freezes (Killed my Mom's lemon tree!) but other than that there was no need for wearing jackets. Global Warming had nothing to do with the mild  weather, just normal cycles of nature.

We will be sure to take pictures as the norm, and safety will be paramount on our minds.


Buck said...

We had a mild winter here on THPoNM, too. This winter has been more like normal than last year, which was a raving beeyotch.

Be safe. Have fun. All the usual.

Ken n Cheryl said...

Blue skies, low humidity and pleasant temps .. have a great weekend!